The sporting activities practised in Sanlúcar have their origin in the great variety of possibilities that our geographic situation gives us and the great number of sports clubs that are organised to make sports possible for their fans.

Our coastal situation allows water sports like sailing, windsurfing and canoeing and one can receive classes in these sports from the various water sport clubs of our town.

The Municipal sports centres offer the possibility of practising numerous sports like basketball, football, indoor-football, table-tennis, hand ball and other activities (such as maintenance gymnastics, aerobics and swimming) on courts and indoor facilities of recent installation.

The sporting activities in most demand in our area are those of the open-air, such as golf which thanks to the exceptional number of sunny days and the warm temperatures which we enjoy year round make practising sport a real pleasure. The good climate is without doubt the reason why this sport is spreading in the province of Cadiz these days.

Sanlúcar has joined this splendid sports offer with the creation of a golf course “Sanlúcar Club de Campo” which is to be found in one of the most beautiful areas of the province, as the hills on which it lies have a privileged view of the Guadalquivir river mouth, the Doñana National Park and the interior.

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