About the dates of celebration:

The dates announced for the celebration of horse races on the beach of Sanlúcar are August 9, 10, 11, 23, 24 and 25, 2022.

On the development of the races:

The races take place along the Sanlúcar beach. The name of this beach is Playa de La Calzada-Las Piletas.

Every afternoon 3, 4 or 5 horse races can be held, corresponding to as many prizes.

The horses run from the closest stretch of Bajo de Guía beach to Las Piletas beach, where the finish line is located.

In reality, it is the same beach, although each section receives the name relative to the urban area to which it is closest.

The finish line is always fixed. What changes is the starting point of the races on the beach, depending on the length of the race that is run in each prize. This means that the starting point is more or less close to the Bajo de Guía beach area (stretch of the beach around the Municipal Sports Center).

About access to the beach:

Access to the beach is free. The races are held when the tide is low. People can stay in the dry sand beach area, when the time to start the first race approaches, security agents install a mesh between the dry sand area and the wet sand area. The wet sand area is where the horses run.

About the closed area in the finish area:

On the other hand, the Sanlúcar Horse Racing Society, the organizer of these races, installs a closed area next to the finish area with a bar service, stands and screens to be able to follow the evolution of the races. Likewise, you can see the horses that are going to run before each race and you can place bets at the betting points installed for this purpose.

Tickets for this venue are sold in advance through the website . The ticket price through this website is €14 p/p. Tickets can also be purchased at the physical box office at the entrance to the venue on race day. The ticket price at the physical box office is €15 p/p. The box office opens one hour before the start of the first race.

Children under 12 years free admission. Limited capacity.

About the schedule:

The horse races on the beach will be held on the indicated days in the afternoon.

Through the following link to the website of the Sanlúcar Horse Racing Society you can obtain information on the daily schedule of horse races. Said schedules will be published the day before each racing day.

You can access through here:


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