Sanlúcar de Barrameda is one of the most interesting cities for holding events, congresses and exhibitions thanks to the uniqueness of the spaces designated for this purpose and to the offer of a magnificent set of complementary activities of a very varied nature. This contribution of the city itself and its surroundings confers a decisive qualitative guarantee to the events that take place in the places listed below.



DESCRIPTION:  This building of original industrial use, after its remodeling and adaptation became in 2013 Municipal Center of Exhibitions and Congresses. It has a space of 1,078m2 structured in three parallel ships of 32,50×12.00 meters each and connected to each other. The versatility of its spaces represents one of its best functional characteristics to allow individualized or generic uses according to the needs. Its distribution allows a capacity of up to 1,100 people, varying its capacity depending on the event and the disposition of the elements that integrate it.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Address: Avda. De la Constitución, 55 11540 Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Cádiz
Tel .: 956 388 000 (Town Hall of Sanlúcar de Barrameda)

GEOLOCATION:    GD: Latitude: 36.769864, Longitude: -6.346430  GMS: N 36 ° 46’11.5 “O 6 ° 20’47.1”



DESCRIPTION: It is a unique building belonging to the set of Orleans Palace, which was the Dukes of Montpensier building from 1880, and destined to stables.
Today, aftermath, has three rooms and two patios equipped with all necessary services.
– Hall ‘Orleans’. (First floor): The main hall, with classic decoration and in line with its first occupants, the family of the Duke of Montpensier. It consists of 500m2. Capacity: banquet (seated): 500 people. Cocktail (standing): 1,000 people.
– Bodega ‘Las Infantas’. Perfect for lunches, or product presentations. The main area of ​​this small winery continues to host Manzanilla wine. It consists of 80m2. Capacity: banquet (sitting): 80 people. Cocktail (standing): 150 people.
– Hall ‘Prince Don Alvaro’: Perfect for lunches or product presentations. It consists of 250m2. Capacity: banquet (seated): 150 people. Cocktail (standing): 350 people.
– Patio de Carriages: This patio was where horse riders alighting from their horses to go to the palace. It consists of 420 m2. Capacity: banquet (seated): 540 people. Cocktail (standing): 600 people.
– Patio ‘Las Beatas’: This space that gives access to the lounge Orleans is another cobbled courtyard smaller than the previous one. It consists of 150 m2. Capacity: Banquet (seats): 220 people. Cocktail (standing): 450 people.
For its versatility, these facilities can adapt the space and atmosphere of each room in order to satisfy every customer.

CONTACT INFORMATION:  Address: C / Baños, 1     11540 Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Cádiz
Tel: 956849002 – 664140569

GEOLOCATION: GD: Latitude: 66.777048 Longitude: -6355518400669098
GMS: N 36º46’37.375 “O 6º21’19.866”


DESCRIPTION: Castle built in the fifteenth century in the highest part of the city, today fully integrated in its historic center. After rehabilitation they have different spaces suitable for their visit and use where you can perform the following activities.
Cultural: Exhibitions of painting, sculpture and photography. Presentations of books, works of music and theater performances. Cultural fairs: Craft, Antiquities.
Audiovisual Projections (in development)
Social: Celebrations and banquets, business meetings, acts of festivals, conferences, awards.
Tourist: Guided Visits general, specific visits with own requirements: languages, groups, schools, dramatized visits (in development). To carry out these activities have different areas and circuits available
Main patio: With 1000m2 approximately quadrangular and availability discovered with installing tent.
Aula Maior and Ground floor of the Tower of Homage: 120m2 and 50m2 respectively, oval and circular. Both rooms are covered.
Barbican of the Mermaid: 200m2 Open and rectangular shape.
Projections rooms and exhibitions: Different sizes from 100m2 to 350m2. Covered.
Barbican of ‘Order’: 200m2. Open and rectangular shape.
Barbican ‘Santiago’: 225m2. Open rectangular shape.
Guard room: 35m2 Covered and rectangular shape.
Barbican Tribute: 175m2 approximately rectangular and open manner.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Address: C / Cava del Castillo, 1     11540 Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Cádiz
Tel .: 956923500 – 637834846

GEOLOCATION: GD: Latitude: 36.7766206 Longitude: -6.350367199999937
GMS: N 36º 46 ‘35,834 “O 6º 21’ 1,321”


CONTACT INFORMATION:  Address: Plaza Condes de Niebla, 1     11540 Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Cádiz
Tel: 956360161

GEOLOCATION:   GD: Latitude: 36.77611631271477 Longitude: -6.353517472743988
GMS: N 36º 46 ‘34,016 “O 6º 21’ 12,662”


DESCRIPTION. Type of facilities:
Bodega El Toro: Andalusian architecture. Cellar patio. Capacity: Up to 150 pax.
Bodega Catedral La Arboledilla: The largest and highest in the area. Capacity: Up to 1,000 pax.
Patio Bodega Don Benigno: Typical Andalusian patio. Capacity: Up to 250 pax.
Don Benigno Room: Wide views of Sanlúcar and Doñana. Capacity: Up to 250 pax.
Barbadillo de la Manzanilla Museum: An exhibition and interpretive space where the importance of Manzanilla is shown. It is located in an old building of 800 m2 distributed in two floors centered on a typical patio. It is located in the historic center annexed to the Barbadillo winery, with which it communicates, which allows completing the information by visiting a winery in full operation.
It has a projection, tasting, tasting and reception room, as well as a wine shop.

CONTACT INFORMATION: C / Luis de Eguilaz, 11     11540 Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Cádiz
Tel: 956385500     Fax: 956385501

GEOLOCATION:  GD: Latitude: 36.77604326713 Longitude: 6.352624297142029
GMS: N 36º 46 ‘33.756 “O 6º 21’ 9.447”


DESCRIPTION: Old winery located in the heart of Sanlucar de Barrameda. Its typical winery architecture offers different spaces for celebrations; unique and welcoming.
Brandy Hall: Covered first floor, classic design but new construction, with hot and cold air-conditioned lounge. Bathroom, bar and elementary kitchen. Celebrations and meetings of all kinds. Capacity: 60 people seated and 100 people standing.
San Luis Winery: Natural climate for aging Sherry wines and Manzanilla, winery architecture. Celebrations and meetings of all kinds, unique atmosphere. Capacity: 100 people seated and 120 people standing.
Patio La Gitana: Winery architecture with excellent gardening. Capacity: 150 people standing.
Patio San Roque: Is an intimate space, perfect for small receptions. Capacity: 70 people standing.
Notes: The rooms could be combined depending on the act.

CONTACT INFORMATION:    C / Banda Playa, 42    11540 Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Cádiz
Tel .: 956385304 Fax: 956363844

GD: Latitude: 36.77493981309498 Length: 6.355742365121841
GMS: N 36º 46 ‘45.983 “O 6º 21’ 20,672”


DESCRIPTION: Winery and tabern located in the heart of the historic center of Sanlúcar, on the border between “Barrio Alto” (Old Town) and “Barrio Bajo” (New Town).
They offer:
Indoor area: With capacity for 90 people.
Outdoor area: Patio with capacity for 180 people.
– Availability for all types of parties: weddings, baptisms, business meetings, birthdays.
– Special prices for groups, including the possibility to organize shows.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Plaza de Madre de Dios, s/n 11540 Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Cádiz .: 956381285

-Information bodega (guided tours and sale of wine): 956381285 /

-Information La Cigarrera tabern (lunches and dinners, menus, shows): 617091184 /

GD: Latitude: 36.777431121301646 Length: -6.35475665330
GMS: N 36º 46 ‘38.752 “O 6º 21’ 17.123”


DESCRIPTION: Events and celebrations
The Maciá Doñana hotel, with category 4 *, is the closest to the beaches of Sanlúcar. Within its facilities, the establishment offers its customers rooms specially prepared for holding meetings and banquets, with a maximum capacity of 180 people. Its distribution and capacity is:
Algaida Room: 12m.x6m. Capacity: School: 45 pax. Theater: 90 pax. Baquete: 66 pax.
Guadalquivir Room: 12mx6m. Capacity: School: 45 pax. Theater: 90 pax. Baquete: 66 pax.
Dunes Hall: 12mx6m. Capacity: School: 45 pax. Theater: 90 pax. Baquete: 66 pax.
Marismilla Hall: 7mx6m. Capacity: School: 20 pax. Theater: 30 pax. Baquete: 40 pax.
Rocío Hall: 7mx6m. School: 45 pax. Theater: 90 pax. Baquete: 66 pax.
Hall Algaida-Guadalquivir-Dunas (communicate): School: 90 pax. Theater: 190 pax. Baquete: 180 pax.
Marismilla-Rocío Hall (communicate): School: 30 pax. Theater: 50 pax. Baquete: 80 pax.
Room of T.V .: 7mx7’7m: School: 15 pax. Theater: 20 pax

CONTACT INFORMATION: C / Orfeón Santa Cecilia, s/n    11540 Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Cádiz
Tel .: 956365000   Fax: 956 367141

GEOLOCATION: GD: Latitude: 36.787102435087 Longitude: 6.352742314338684
GMS: N 36º 47 ‘13.569 “O 6º 21’ 9.872”


DESCRIPTION: Located on the promenade that connects the beach, 300ms, with the center of the city, 50 meters from the Plaza Cabildo. It has twelve floors high. In addition to the rooms themselves consists of dining room, social room, TV room, cafeteria, a la carte restaurant and a panoramic Pub on the 12th floor. Also, the hotel has two meeting rooms for various activities such as banquets, meetings, conferences , etc.
Doñana Hall: With a maximum capacity of 80 people.
Guadalquivir Room: With a maximum capacity for 25 people.

CONTACT INFORMATION:  Address: Calzada del Ejército, 10   11540 Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Cádiz
Tel .: 956360742   Fax: 956360745

GEOLOCATION:  GD: Latitude: 36.78097153948151 Length: 6.355158984661102
GMS: N 36º 46 ‘51,498 “O 6º 21’ 18,572”


DESCRIPTION: The Hotel has perfect spaces for the organization of events, an old cellar, patios and terraces give it a special character. The hotel usually has the services of the neighboring restaurant, ‘El Espejo Gastrobar’, to guarantee the success of its banquets and celebrations.  It consists of a congress / exhibition / celebration room with capacity for 250 people.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Address: C / Caballeros, 11    11540 Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Cádiz
Tel .: 956365060

GEOLOCATION:  GD: Latitude: 36.7756780381742 Length: -6.354102194309235
GMS: N 26º 46 ‘32,441 “O 6º 21’ 14,767”

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