Locals take part broadly in the festivities, so fun and success are always guaranteed. Throughout the year various festivities are hosted, showing the character and imagination of our people and also enjoyed by the visitors that come to enjoy them due to their fame.

The city has a calendar of festivities that are varied, competitive and with deep historical roots. It all begins with the popular Carnival, and once spring arrives we celebrate the Holy Week (Easter) where different Brotherhoods show off historical items during the processions. From rich trappings to artistic images executed by well-known artists such as de la Roldana or Juan de Mesa.

During the pilgrimage of El Rocío, the Brotherhoods of the province of Cádiz cross the Guadalquivir River from Sanlúcar towards the National Park of Doñana, with a busy festive atmosphere taking place in the Bajo de Guía District.

The Manzanilla Fair is the quintessential Andalusian fair. It´s held on the beautiful fairgrounds on the Calzada Avenue, next to the Guadalquivir River. Our fair is known to be full of hospitality and happiness for the locals and visitors.

The Patronesses Festivals are held in August honouring our Lady of Caridad (Charity), with colourful carpets made of salt decorated the most important streets in the cities center where she will procession through.

Amongst the traditional activities held in Sanlúcar we must highlight the Horse Races at the Beach, declared of “International Tourist Interest” and referred to as “The Greatest Spectacle of the Southern Beaches”; they are the oldest in Spain, and are a must-see event at the coasts of Andalusia in August.

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