Location: in the urban area of ​​Sanlúcar, at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River.

Sanlúcar has a coastline of sandy beaches of 6 kilometers long and 50 meters wide. The skyline is framed by the coast of Doñana and its natural beaches, where the pines are reflected on the water surface. Thanks to the therapeutic properties of its waters, the beaches of our city became one of the first vacation destinations in Spain.

On the other hand, the beaches of Sanlúcar have become a social center of the city as it is the stage where various cultural events, concerts and spectacles take place. The Sanlúcar beaches also offer the celebrated view of Doñana National Park and it is a very agreeable place for walking even on good days in winter. It is the place where the singular summer spectacle, the horse races on the beach is held too.

The names given to each section correspond to its historical and urban description.

The Bajo de Guía beach offers you the best gastronomy and the access to the Doñana National Park. The Visitors Center “Ice Factory” is located here.

The Calzada and the Piletas becheas, the most extensive, are considered traditional family beaches due to its urban character and easy access.They have parking, a good number of restaurants and beach bars, security systems and conventional sanitary assistance.

Where the Calzada and the Piletas beaches end, La Jara beach begins. This remote beach is an admirable place due to its natural surroundings. Spectacular sunsets can be contemplated from here.

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