Sanlúcar de Barrameda is located at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River, and has in its natural environment, in its climate and in its peoples traditional habits, numerous treasures to offer visitors. One of the most renowned is the culinary richness.

The grand historical development of the city began with the influence of many cultural habits, and hence culinary ones, of folks that came from overseas centuries ago, Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs. They contributed with ingredients from their villages, and fed from the fish and birds of our privileged environment.

The Christian reconquest encouraged the wine production, after centuries of wise endeavor, accomplished an admirable diversity of current wines, amongst them the unique Manzanilla. Some brews that are both perfect for pairing with our traditional dishes or as a condiment for savory sauces.

The culinary evolution did not stop there. After becoming one of the main harbors of the trades with the Americas and being the headquarters for numerous overseas expeditions, as it is exemplified by the feats of the First Voyage Around the World, Sanlúcar again sees how its kitchen is enriched with the varieties of spices, fruits and vegetables that came to our shores before many other parts of the Old World. Peppers, tomatoes and potatoes gave a final push to the local cuisine and to the agricultural production, being one of the first places where they were disembarked at while coming from the Americas, where they have been successfully cultivated to this day.

This splendor was always conditioned on our way of understanding life. The attitude of the people blessed by our wonderful climate is sociable due to most of the social activities being done on the streets.

The vast cuisine of Sanlúcar is base on three important pillars: the products of their crops, the bodegas and the fishing.

Sanlúcars fish and seafood, specially the King Prawn, has a reputation that has gone beyond our borders. This success is due to the flavour and textural qualities, as well as the simple ways that they are cooked.

Sanlúcar famous due to its own produce and also the dishes prepared by them such as authentic local seafood stews like skate fish with bitter orange, angler fish with fried bread, mantis shrimp soup…

These plates are usually cooked with some local wine, the Manzanilla, and other types of table wines that have less alcohol and are paler in colour but unique in flavour.

Sanlúcar has many neighbourhoods known due to their cuisine culture. The most popular ones are Barrio Alto and the Center, where most of the traditional taverns are located at. Likewise, Bajo de Guía is known because it unites to of Sanlúcars finest qualities, the maritime and natural landscape along with the authentic seafood cuisine.

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